This blog was set up for Tzvi Pittinsky and Sue Waters presentation on Crowdsourcing ISTE: A Dynamic Model for Collaboration Inside and Outside the Classroom for ISTE 2015.

Presentation background

Inspiration for our presentation developed from the relationship Tzvi and Sue formed while crowd sourcing notes from the ISTE 2014 conference.   Tzvi started crowdsourcing notes and resources being shared at ISTE 2014 into aGoogle spreadsheet when a friend of his asked if he could share his notes from sessions he attended with her as she wasn’t able to attend ISTE 2014.

Tzvi thought rather than just share his own reflections, and notes, with one individual; why not share his notes with everyone while also inviting others to share their own resources.

Sue Waters wasn’t at ISTE 2014 but had decided to learn how much as she could get out of ISTE from afar by being #NOTAtISTE using a range of different strategies — one of which involved curating the best information and content shared during the conference into the ISTE Insights Flipboard magazine with the help of Jeffrey See.  Together Jeffrey and Sue curated over 936 articles shared during ISTE 2014.

While curating articles into the ISTE Insights Flipboard magazine Sue saw requests to add to Tzvi’s Google Spreadsheet being shared.  It made logical sense for her to add links to his Google spreadsheet while curating her Flipboard magazine since she was at home on a computer which is faster and easier compared to those at the conference.

After the conference Tzvi and Sue worked together to organize the Google spreadsheet into Categories to make it easier for others to search specific information.

You can read Tzvi’s reflections on this exhilarating experience here and here.

ISTE Insights Magazine

About our Presentation

Our plan is to demonstrate how participants at ISTE 2014 worked with global participants #NOTatISTE while encouraging participants to reflect on all the different ways crowdsourcing can be used in classrooms.

The crowd sourcing the presentation on Crowd sourcing in the Classroom  is based on Tom Barrett’s Interesting Ways series.

Tom Barrett began his series of using Google presentations to crowdsource ideas about the uses of different tools for the classroom in November 2007 — starting with One idea, one slide, one image.  Make sure you check out Tom Barrett’s series if you haven’t seen his Interesting Ways series.

You can check out our presentation as it grows below:

Sue Waters is participating again in #NOTatISTE and will be presenting remotely from Australia with Tzvi who will be at ISTE 2015 presenting in person.

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