Connecting & Learning

This is my second year of participating in #NotAtISTE. I learned so many new things last year and made lasting connections with several great educators. I am thankful for this opportunity to learn from afar. I rely a lot on Voxer for learning and sharing ideas because it is something I can use on the go. I am looking forward to watching and chatting with others during the TeacherCast broadcasts each morning and using Periscope to watch ISTE presentations live. I’m also looking forward to connecting long-term with inspiring educators!

-Jamie Fithian, @MsFithian

Learning While NotatISTE

I’ve loved the experience this year of communicating on the Twitters, in the G+ community, the conversations we have had on Voxer. Thanks to Jennifer Wagner for helping to put this community together and to all those chip in to make this experience wonderful.

I’m looking forward to continuing this learning along with our PLN. Connect with me @craigyen

Love seeing our PLN learning and growing together. Looking forward to finding a way to attend this wonderful conference someday. Hoping for #iste2016 in Denver.

ISTE 2015 Reflections so far – Jamie Camp

For the past 2 years, I’ve participated in the #NotatISTE group that Jen Wagner set up (so brilliantly), and it has been an amazing experience! My family just knows that I’m going to be out of circulation most of this week! They’ve lived this before!

I think that I get as much connection and professional development here in my office at home as i would if I were actually attending. Yesterday I watched the keynote through Periscope while tweeting with my PLN and keeping in touch with them in Voxer–although it took me until midnight to catch up with it all! I had 4-5 screens up for much of the day!

Last year, my major takeaway was Voxer, and the group chat that originated at #NotatISTE remained connected all year long! This year, the exciting tool that I’m discovering is Periscope–it has been amazing! It’s allowed all of us #notatiste15 to hear the Ignite sessions, the poster sessions and the keynote! Because we’re all connected on other platforms, the discussion is possible too. Really fabulous!

Jamie Camp

ISTE15 Reflections

Through collaborating with folks at #notatISTE15 and the Voxer group #NotatISTE it has been an outstanding opportunity. This experience has confirmed the power of technology and the importance it plays in a 21st century classroom.

Through pericscope, I am virtually able to attend ISTE15 through my living room….wow! This is an example of technology providing opportunities that would not be provided a year ago. Global connections and interactions for authentic learning. The world truly is at our fingertips. Who can ask for anything more?

Looking forward to the learning journey to continue today at ISTE15!

Debby Call
1st Grade Teacher
Sherman Elementary

ISTE 2015 Reflections so far – Sue Waters

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I’m currently participating remotely at ISTE 2015 as part of the #NotAtISTE15 community.

Key highlights so far have been interacting with the #NotAtISTE15 community via the Google + Community, Voxer and Twitter.

The biggest highlight has been able to watch Periscope from sessions and events at ISTE. This has allowed the #NotAtISTE15 community to watch what is happening and then discuss it amongst the community using Twitter and Voxer.

While we are waiting to begin…

Reflect on ISTE by composing an email answering one of the questions below.

  1. What have you have gained from ISTE so far from the Keynote and your interactions at the conference?
  2. What are you excited to explore further at the ISTE conference over the coming days?

Please send tweet @suewaters to ask for the email address or leave a comment on this post with your reflections.

Then sit back and enjoy the film.

Welcome to Crowdsourcing

Welcome to Tzvi Pittinsky and Sue Waters presentation on using Crowd sourcing in the Classroom at ISTE 2015.

Tzvi decided that the best way to demonstrate the power of crowd sourcing is to crowd source our presentation.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Add a slide to the Google presentation, put up some text, perhaps add a picture, include your name and/or your Twitter handle or blog URL to share your ideas on how crowd sourcing can be used in the classroom.
  2. Share a link to our Google Presentation with your social networks.   The more ideas we receive, the better we demonstrate the power of crowd sourcing and its use in the classroom.
  3. Leave a comment on this post to share links to any recent articles you’ve written on this topic or additional ideas we could include in our presentation.